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Brno University Hospital

The Centre of Reproductive Medicine is a unit of the OB-GYN Clinic of Brno University Hospital. We care for couples struggling with getting pregnant, help people conserve their fertility and treat women with afflictions of reproductive system. We operate out of two sites: Obilní trh in the very city centre and Bohunice in the University Campus area.

Have trouble
getting pregnant?

If there is no success after a longer period of unprotected sexual intercourse, it is necessary to find the reason. We provide any needed examinations and screenings and decide on treatment using the methods of assisted reproduction.

Want to protect
your fertility?

It isn’t the right time to have children? In our centre, we have been protecting the fertility of both men and women for many years. Take the opportunity to conserve sperm or eggs for future use.

Have a medical

Are you having medical problems? Our OB-GYN Clinic provides top quality care through specialised counselling. We will be happy to help you, starting with precise diagnostics and finishing with complex treatment.

Bohunice Department

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Obilni trh Department

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For the Medical

Being unit of Brno University Hospital, the Centre of Reproductive Medicine employs highly educated and academically respected experts. Many members of the staff are engaged in the academic community as researchers, publishers and teachers at the Faculty of Medicine. If you are from the medical community from around the world, we will be more than happy to share experience with you and find ways of cooperation. To arrange such exchange, please contact the head of our clinic.

doc. MUDr. Vít Weinberger, Ph.D.

Head of OB-GYN Clinic, University Hospital Brno